Part 2: Why do women shave?

Part 2: Why do women shave?

Apart from the massive marketing camping to persuade women to shave, as mentioned in Part 1 A History of Shaving, there are a few other reasons women might choose to shave.

Coupled with advertising, peer pressure often forces women into shaving. Dr Tony Carr, head of clinical psychology at the University of Plymouth, has carried out several large-scale surveys looking into the prevalence of concern with appearance. He says: “An unkind remark at a vulnerable stage such as early adolescence may trigger a preoccupation with a particular feature.”  Once such a preoccupation has taken hold it can be perpetuated by faulty thinking along the lines of, “In order to be loved or successful I have to be attractive,” he added.

As Carr points out, we are all faced daily with a barrage of pictures in magazines, on billboards and on our TV and cinema screens depicting society’s preferred body image. And that image is unequivocally young, attractive, healthy – and fuzz-free. (Source 1)

I have been to Sikh youth camps across the United States for 16 years and I think majority of the girls that I have met shave. I ask why they shave and this is what they say…..

Sikh girls! Why do you shave?

  • It’s gross not to.
  • I want to be pretty.
  • It’s hygienic.
  • I want to wear shorts, dresses, and go swimming
  • I want friends/boyfriend/husband.
  • I don’t want to look like a guy
  • I don’t want to be made fun of

Sikh girls! Do you think you should shave?

  • Well, Sikhi says we shouldn’t…… but why?
  • The Guru Granth Sahib doesn’t give a good enough reason as to why I shouldn’t…so,  why not?
  • People say, ‘Hair is a gift from god, and it’s our identity.’ Does that mean I have to wave hairy pits around so people can see the gift from god that makes me a Sikh? Gross. No thank you.

I will address these points in a later post.

Read Part 3 here: To Shave? or Not to Shave? Why Don’t Women Shave?


2 thoughts on “Part 2: Why do women shave?

  1. Guru Gobind Singh Ji and all the Guru Jis sacrificed so much for the hair you are disgracing. And how can you insult Guru Granth Sahib Ji like that? Guru Nanak Dev Ji tells us in his gurbani to listen to Anand (Anand suno vadpah gio) if you hear the truth in Gurbani you would never post such stupidity on the internet. This world teaches us to shave and cut our hair. As Sikhs we have no relations to this world, or our egoistic minds. Hair on your bodies is not unhygienic, it helps keeps dirt and bacteria out of your body and off your skins. Diseases such as skin lice can be avoided by the keeping of your bodily hair. Please as a Kaur at least have some shame at what you are saying.

    • Gur Fateh! Thank you for your comment. Please note that this blog is no longer being updated and has been replaced by Check it out!

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