Part 4: Shaving & Sikhi

Part 4: Shaving & Sikhi

Double standards:

I am disappointed that there is more pressure for Singhs not to shave and keep beards but it doesn’t matter if a Kaur shaves her legs. I met a Sikh family which had a teenage son and daughter. The parents praised their son for his turban and beard but scolded their daughter any time she let her leg hair grow out and told her to go and shave.

The hypocrisy is ridiculous.

“Be strong Sikh women!” Many families say, but some statements like these have undertones that are, “Self mutilate yourself by shaving so you can conform to artificial, transient standards of beauty. Give up your ability to choose your own groom habits. But most of all…Give control over your body to society and the media.”

Why does Sikhi discourage shaving?

Here are my thoughts.

1. By not shaving I am accepting myself, completely and can create a mindset that is ripe for spiritual growth. Also, once I truly love myself, I can love and serve others.

2. I am eliminating duality in my mind that may come with shaving; that Waheguru made me perfect but somehow I am not perfect and thus must shave. Bringing my thoughts and actions in line with each other can help establish inner peace.

Rock Star Madonna, in her youth

3. In a way, by accepting my body, I am accepting nature and hukham: another way to become at peace with the world and Waheguru’s cosmos.

4. I follow the standards that my Gurus have established for me. Guidelines that I believe to be timeless in spirit and essence. I am beautiful inside and out according to Gurbani.

No socially constructed standard of beauty based on making profits (shaving and razors) will guide my life. I am establishing my sovereignty over the ever-shifting, arbitrary standards that society creates.

As Albert Camus said, “The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

5. Lastly, I believe that one shapes her body in a way that will help her accomplish life tasks. For example a basketball player wears shorts and a jersey to increase mobility, Lady Gaga wears crazy outfits to get attention, a businesswoman wears a suit to demand respect. If one wishes to be successful in the material world, she dresses and acts accordingly. In my opinion, it is the same in the spiritual or Sikh world. I wish to attain enlightenment and love creation, thus I will dress and act accordingly and everything I do will be line with that mission.

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9 thoughts on “Part 4: Shaving & Sikhi

  1. Hair is a precious thing and only Kaurs know its value. It will be a nice feeling that you have such valuable stuff all over your body. Razor-revolution has destroyed the nature.

  2. Consider the following points:
    1) Skin is the largest organ of human body. It protects inner viscera and provides immunity against external toxic agents in environment.
    2)Just as the earth provides various types of vegetation such as tall trees,wiry creepers, thick bushes and green patches of grass, providing both nutritive as well as medicinal plants for maintenance of health, so are women created as reps of earth for procreating and maintaining human species.
    3) Because we consume food and energized by biological process of burning ,the toxic waste matter accumulated in body,apart from other means of excretion,is also thrown out of body through skin collected at hair follicles under epidermis as a cleansing process.
    All fat soluble toxic matter such as mineral and metallic poisons is thus forced out along hairy shafts. So is forensic examining assisted.
    3)When women reach reproductive age, the sacred task of procreation is heaved on to their wombs and the burden of rising the offspring is loaded on their shoulders. Thus the various vegetative forms of the earth are ‘transformed’ on to the basic procreative feminine human body on skin terrain as various structural hairy growths.
    4)Vegetation grows where water is tabled under earthly terrain and around oases in arid zones. With 70% water in human body distributed under the skin and circulated mainly as blood for supplying all cellular nutrients up keeping all bodily organs, the peripheral hairy shafts also help various functions which human biological science has discovered so far.
    5)Pubic area is covered by inner urinary bladder and also feminine womb and procreative apparatus. Therefore women are provided with thick pubic hairy formatting, more than male gender, to protect double vaulted vaginal receptacles and also keep system protection under pregnancy when the womb collects water for embryonic development.
    6)Women,by virtue of their natural procreative capabiltiy, are the greatest human cell manufacturing plants of both gender. Nature has created them with all protective programs to this end.Indeed all embryonic human organ developments including skin and hairy growths up it according to gender requirements are basically feminine in character and masculine by extension for male body protection.
    Also women are sensitive to touch which is part of their basic nature for expressing love and affection. Bodily they are soft and supple and rounded in shape like the earth and paddy as bushy grass. Shaving causes gristly feeling due to short hairy shafts on pubis and more so under axillae.This is against nature and pour increased male gender hormones into blood, making them more masculine as we see today and probably cause P.C.O.S’s due hormonal imbalance.
    To make it short to fire fertile minds, let the above points be given rational consideration and save natural womanhood from choosy appreciation of some and induced hatred of other bodily organs such as hairy matrixed gowths, for the purpose of razor revolution and promoting false aesthetics.

  3. I have a question for the author and anyone that agrees with this author. As a Sikh, I personally don’t agree with the idea of keeping every single hair uncut, especially for the given reasons. Either way, here’s the question:

    If Sikh girls shouldn’t be cutting or shaving their hair because “that is the way nature made them”, why do these same people apply various types of makeup on their face and other parts of your body? If you really want to accept your body for the way Waheguru made them, don’t use makeup, don’t apply nail polish, don’t use skin softeners, don’t dye your hair, don’t wear perfume, etc. Why specifically hair?

    It’s okay for both guys and girls to shape themselves the way they want to be seen. If you think you look beautiful with body hair, fine. That’s on you. But if you don’t like having body hair, you shouldn’t be obligated to keep it.

    the reason why we Sikhs keep our Turbans, Beards, and other Kes uncut is because that is our identity. Does that mean that we all keep our Pubic hair? Chest hair? Armpit hair? What’s wrong with guys trimming their armpit hairs? What’s wrong with removing our unibrows? As long as we maintain our identities as SIkhs, nothing else matters.

    Moreover, you simply dodged the point that the Guru Granth Sahib Ji never explicitly tells us that cutting our hair is bad or that you become more spiritual by keeping your hair. There are allusions to this like when Guru Ji says “Rom Rom Har Oucharai, Khin Khin Har Soee”. However, the problem that many don’t realize with this line is that people don’t really understand it. They think it means that god is in every hair, when really it’s alluding to Rom Rom Simran, in which the Simran is so powerful that each and every hair on your body stands up and flows with the energy.

    You not shaving doesn’t make you more spiritual than a girl who does. Just like you wearing a Keski (if you do) doesn’t make you more spiritual than a girl who doesn’t. If anything, depending on the person, it might make you LESS spiritual because many Sikh girls that I know who don’t shave look down and SHAME girls who do. What kind of spirituality is that? It isn’t – it’s insecurity.

    Do what makes you happy, but don’t think you have the right to judge others.

    • Gur Fateh! Thank you for your comment. Please note that this blog is no longer being updated and has been replaced by Check it out!

    • Sikhs really have no business with make up, nail polish, hair dye, etc, anyway. In the sight of Har Har, a woman is already created in perfection, kesh and all.

      • Gur Fateh! Thank you for your comment. Please note that this blog is no longer being updated and has been replaced by Check it out!

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