Part 5: Razor Free Inspiration

Part 5: Razor Free Inspiration

I know some Kaurs don’t feel comfortable exposing their legs or arms in fear of ridicule. I felt like I was the only girl in the US who didn’t shave when I was growing up. Only recently have a I found out that there are many women, Kaurs and other sisters who don’t shave and I gain so much inspiration from them. Take a look!

More and more women are seeing what it feels like to save that money, pain and time. And that’s not just the time it takes to remove hair, but the time spent thinking about it. Planning it so you’re freshly hairless for your date on Tuesday, but that it has grown back enough to be waxed before your holiday the following week.

This stuff is so deeply internalized, that for many women, feminism and activism begin alone, looking in your bathroom mirror. It comes in that moment when you gasp – you realize how weird, how completely nuts it is that every single woman you know scrapes and pulls out her body hair, unquestioningly and forever. Like robots. Like sexy little fembots; the greatest marketing success in history.” 

“I am not going to shave just because it makes others more comfortable.”

“It’s only been a month, but my hair grows so fast! I hate shaving so much, so it has been very liberating to finally decide to stop shaving. It has been rather hard for me to find the courage to wear shorts and short skirts, but websites like this and other women who don’t shave help a lot! Society needs to learn to accept that women grow hair, and it’s not gross, unattractive, manly, or unsanitary. Go women!”  

“One year of  razor free pits! Can’t think of anything better”! 

If I have the inner strength not to shave and wear what I want…I have the strength and mental fortitude to do anything – L Kaur

“My cat and I, we’re both covered in hair and couldn’t give a f*** about it! =)”

 “I have a boyfriend who accepts and loves my leg hair. I feel comfortable seeing my unshaven legs and I’m starting to learn to accept myself. I hope one day I can love myself enough to have the courage to go outside without covering my legs.”

“I promote self-acceptance, self-love, and self-compassion … Of all kinds. And I’m beginning to realize that for me, it means accepting the fact that I am a hairy girl. “

“I haven’t shaved for 4 years and my legs are so much happier for it! This summer I’m trying to be bold and show them off!”

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