Part 6: Hairy Celebrities

Part 6: Hairy Celebrities

Believe it or not, even celebrities go au-natural. Sometimes it’s cool to see that even though they are in the spotlight all the time, constantly have photos taken, and need to dress up for events…that even they have the strength to go against the grain.

See Kaurs! We’re not alone!

We should be trail-blazing too!

Mo’nique, Amanda Palmer, Julia Roberts

Penelope Cruz, Lisa Bonet, Sarah Silverman

Kelly Rowland, Elizabeth Jagger, Hilary Swank

Lady Gaga, Julia Roberts

Sophia, Ani DiFranco

Sophia, Ani DiFranco

Danielle Loyd, Drew Barrymore, Beyonce

Natalia Vodianova, Juliette Lewis, Emer O’Tool

For Part 7, click here. 


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