Part 7: Revisiting Shaving Questions

Part 7: Revisiting Shaving Questions

In Part 2 I listed some common reasons as to why Sikh girls choose to shave. I thought I would come back to them and try to give my opinions regarding each point. 

Sikh girls! Why do you shave?

1. It’s gross not to: 

  • We have been socially conditioned to think this way.
  • I had a Sikh friend once who used to shave and then decided not to. To get over the idea that “it’s gross,” she would stand in front of the mirror, every day, raise her arms, look at her hairy armpits and tell herself, “I am beautiful and this is natural.” She soon re-conditioned herself to actually believe her hair was beautiful.

2. I want to be pretty. 

  • You still can be pretty. Just check out the celebrity page and you can see that it is the way you carry yourself, that impacts your outward beauty.
  • But the biggest thing is, confidence. Be confident, strong, and bold and these traits will overshadow your hairiness and people will see you are pretty.

Lidé z maringotek

  • Who can call actresses Lidez Maringotek (above) an ugly person?  She’s beautiful! Look at her smooth lips, clear skin, smokey eyes, delicate profile, and luscious locks, and confidence to wear a sleeveless dress with her hairy armpits.
  • “I am a 52 year old woman, and I haven’t shaved — arm pits or legs — since I was about 19. I disagree with the “make the world pretty” statement, and would like to point out that the perception of body hair being unfeminine or “ugly” is something that we have been taught by ads and our very shallow, commercialized main stream culture,” Laura (2)

3. It’s hygienic.

  • Not shaving is not unhygienic.
  • If shaving your unshaven armpits was unhygienic then men who don’t shave would be unsanitary.
  • If you have to shave your armpits to be hygienic, why not every other part of your body? Your arms? Your head? Your eyebrows?
  • There is no proof that hairy legs leads to disease. (Source 1)

From Hairy Pits Club

 4. Clothing:

  • If you want to wear shorts, dresses, and go swimming, you still can. Build the strength and courage to do so.
  • ” Not shaving has given me the biggest confidence boost of my life. I have so much more energy to do stuff now that I’m not worried if my leg hair is showing or about not raising my arms. Never going back,” Hairy Pits Club.

5. I don’t want to look like a guy:

  • Your armpits and leg hair is not the way someone tells if you are a man or a woman. If that was the case then winter clothing would send us into confusion.
  • Also, some men choose to shave for swimming or biking purposes….if you shave then, would that make you look like a man…?
  • Express your womanliness in other ways
  • A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy. –Vivica Fox

6. Friends: I wont have any friends.

  •  If you’re friends are so shallow that they can’t accept you for who you are, then maybe you should reconsider their friendship.
  • I did not lose a single friend when I started exposing my legs. It almost served as a test to see who really was my true friend….and they all passed.

True Friends Stick Together

  • I asked my friends what they thought of me and my hairy legs and they honestly told me that they didn’t care or that they thought it was really brave of me. One girl said, “I wish I could do that. I hate shaving.”

7. I’ll get teased.

  • This might be the case. This was one reason I decided not to show off my stuff until I was in college. I found by that time, people were mature enough not to say anything or were polite and curious to ask me questions, which was a perfect way to talk about Sikhi.  Plus, in college I found other girls who didn’t shave.
  • I always had an arsenal of quick, witty comments in case someone said something mean. 

8. I want a boyfriend/husband:

  • If a man is strong enough to handle who you are, deep enough to see past your hair, and intelligent to know that you should empower yourself in a way that may be against societies grain, then he’s the man for you.

“My boy likes them and I love them, so why care about anybody who doesn’t? :)” From Hairy Pits Club

  • If he’s superficial and shallow and demands that you to shave, I say, “Leave him.” If he wants you to fit into the mold of western beauty and injects sexism into the relationship who knows what else he’ll want you to do next….never take off your makeup? Always wear high heels and jewelry? Stay at home and not work?
  • There are plenty of good, hot men who will love you for who you are. Believe me.
  • Have an open and honest conversation about it with your partner. If at first he is confused, maybe if he sees your point of view, he’ll come around to it and support you.
  • “I never had trouble getting dates or having a relationship. The men I have had serious relationships with didn’t care about body hair, and they ranged from a street artist to a multimillionaire. What they had in common was a desire to look and live below the surface of life. That’s not to say that women can’t shave and live a less shallow, more meaningful life — but imagine if women shed the market-driven perception of our natural, hairy state as being “ugly” and put all the time, energy and resources we spend on shaving into sustainable living practices and making the world a better place. Include cosmetics and other beauty products, and we could probably solve all the world’s major problems in a couple of years,” Laura (2)

9. Swimming will be awkward. 

Not if you don’t make it. Have confidence.  Get a bunch of your friends together who don’t shave and descend on the beach.  Strength and confidence in numbers! or get really really into shape and then people will be distracted by your fitness to notice your hair. 

For Part 8, click here. 





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