Part 9: Final Words on Shaving

Part 9: Final Words on Shaving

I want to make it clear that I am not hating on women who shave. I am just providing an alternative viewpoint for Kaurs to hear. There is so much media promoting shaving that I wanted to push back a little bit. To shave or not to shave is a personal choice.

I am not against the freedom of choice. I am against manufacturing consent & making women believe they are acting of their own free will.

To those Kaurs who do shave, don’t feel bad. Transitioning to not-shaving is a journey and a process. I write on my blog that we shouldn’t judge those women who choose not to shave, but we should also not judge those who do choose to shave.

Thinking about this topic has made me comfortable wearing shorts and not shaving. I don’t care what people think about me. I’ve swam with large and groups of friends, families and acquaintances and have never been hassled.

I’m happy that I have allowed myself to wear whatever I want. If it’s hot outside, I no longer  have to fret about how to stay cool…just put on shorts or a dress. I feel liberated.

Here are some great resources and inspiring websites on not shaving: 

An 18th Month Experiment of Not Shaving. By Elmer O’Tool. 

Madonna beat High School Bullies by Not Shaving

A Kaur plays NCAA field hockey and keeps ALL her hair

Movies with Armpit Scenes 

Women Against Non-Essential Grooming  (NSFW: Caution: Some photos may be rated “R”)

Hairy Pits Club (NSFW: Caution: Some photos may be rated “R”)

Fuck Shaving  (NSFW: Caution: Some photos may be rated “R”)


11 thoughts on “Part 9: Final Words on Shaving

  1. Dang! I love this! all 9 posts in this series! Girl you are amazing. and seriously, I have to acknowledge that you’ve researched the issue so well & presented it so clearly & beautifully, without putting folks that shave down! that is straight up amazing =)
    Much love.

  2. I don’t like body hair at all personally, but I 100% agree with your opinions on the matter. We emphasize stupidly high amounts of sexual dimorphism, and this is just one way women are forced to conform to ‘not looking too much like men’ for male homophobic tastes.

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