Inspire Me

Inspire: The drawing of air into the lungs. From Old French inspiration, from Late Latin inspirationem, from Latin inspiratus. ɪnspɨˈɹeɪʃən

The work of these women breath life into me. They inspire me. Enjoy.

I LOVE this song! It gives me the chills. This video  tells the true story of Shameem Pathan, who courageously broke out of her abusive marriage and became a truck driver to support herself and her child. It was shot by Sujit Sircar and Gary. Mann ke Manjeeré was an album, music video, and ultimately and entire campaign created by human rights organization Breakthrough which promotes women’s rights .


The artist, Shubha’s said creating the music video was, “challenging” as it deals with the hopes and aspirations of the Indian woman who, breaking the shackles of convention, has come into her own. Shubha said, “The inspiration came from Shameem Pathan,

a fiercely independent woman in Ahmedabad.

She started out with kite making and milk vending, but now drives her own Matador truck!”



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