Should Kaurs Wear Turbans?

What do YOU think

about Kaurs wearing Dastars?

The question about Kaurs wearing dastars seems to be a hot topic of discussion at Sikh camps and retreats. I have my own thoughts on the subject, but I’ve always wondered what others think about it. So, I’m conducting a survey.

Don’t worry it’s anonymous!

I would be SO thankful if you took the survey.

Please fill it out by Friday Jan 11th, 2013. Thank you!

Survey for Kaurs!

If you currently DO NOT wear a dastar, check this survey out. It will literally take 1 min and 50 seconds.

If you currently DO wear a dastar, check out this one. It will only take you 4 mins.

Survey for Singhs!

I would LOVE your input! Don’t worry it’s anonymous! It only takes 54 seconds! Take the Singh Survey!


4 thoughts on “Should Kaurs Wear Turbans?

  1. Dastaars on women are beautiful, graceful and awesome if they consciously choose to wear them and feel comfortable in their skin with them. It’s a cultural shift that will take time but many more Sikh women will gravitate towards it than not.

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