Changing Direction

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 3.01.30 PMThis Spring, Kaur Thoughts will be morphing into…Kaur Life!

Kaur Thoughts was awarded a grant from the Sikh Spirit Foundation to transform the blog into a collaborative, life-style website for Sikh women.

We are looking for guest writers and artists to contribute to the new site. Would you like to have your work featured? Contact Lakhpreet Kaur,

If you have a piece of work you would like to submit, send it to Lakhpreet Kaur.


Do you need some ideas to get started? Maybe some of the following prompts will help you create something for Kaur LIfe!


  • How has Sikhi affected your life?
  • How has Sikhi helped you through a challenging moment in your life?
  • What do you love about Sikhi the most?
  • How do you live a Guru-centered life?
  • How do you raise your kids as Sikhs in America?
  • What is the role of the Khalsa in modern America?
  • How do you live a mindful life?
  • How to you deal with discrimination?
  • Simran styles and techniques
  • Have you seen discrimination against someone and what did you do to work against it?
  • Write a Sikh wedding guide
  • Write about your own anand karaj
  • How has marriage helped you get closer to Waheguru?

Notable Kaurs:

  • Write about a notable woman at the top of her field or doing creative work.
  • Interview a Kaur that inspires you
  • Write a short article on a historical Sikh Women
  • Write an article about a Kaur who inspires you


  • How has your sister or mother or grandmother (or other Kaur) influenced your Sikhi?
  • How do you raise your daughter(s) to be strong Sikh women?
  • How do you raise your son(s) to be respectful of women? and to help create the egalitarian society the Guru worked towards?
  • Write about domestic violence in the Sikh community and potential solutions.
  • Write about gender roles (how it helps or hurts Singhs and Kaurs.)

Bana & Saroop:

  • Write a tutorial on how to drape cool chunis
  • Write a tutorial on dastar tying
  • Write a tutorial on cool hair styles
  • Provide a sewing patterns for kacheras
  • Write a prom dress guide for kesh dhari Kaurs
  • Write a fashion guide for an Amrit Dhari woman
  • Write about the Kaur identity


  • Translate/interpret shabads that deal with women’s issues

The Arts:

  • Submit your: films, photography, art, poetry, music, spoken word, etc that are about Kaurs or Sikhi


  • Write about Kaurs who excel in sports


  • Write a review on books by and for Kaurs and books about Sikhism
  • What’s your favorite book on Sikhi? Why?


  • Write about domestic violence in the Sikh community
  • Write about gender roles


  • Review your favorite Sikh aps

Health & Wellness: 

  • Write a product review: Shampoo, Conditioner, Eyebrow Gel, Hair Dryer, Straighteners, hair brushes
  • Write about hair care tips and tricks
  • Self esteem in Sikhi

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