About Me

This is my blog of thoughts.

There’s a Punjabi story that goes a bit like this: A woman arrives at a village she hasn’t been to before. She notices that on every tree there is a target painted on it, and in the middle of the target sticks an arrow, bulls eye. She is so astonished some one could have such an accurate, consistent shot that she asks for a demonstration. A man comes out of his house with a bow and arrow and shoots at the tree. He then walks over to the tree and paints the target on the tree, making it look like he shot a bulls eye. He wasn’t that great of a shot after all, in fact he was well practiced in deception, and the woman was disappointed.

My name is Lakhpreet Kaur, I do not want to practice my Sikhi like this man practices his archery. I don’t want to live my life thoughtlessly and then try to justify my actions retroactively, in a Sikh paradigm. I don’t want to do something so completely out of line with gurmat but then try so hard to make it seem like it was inline.

Rather, I want to live my life trying to do right the thing. I want to aim for the ideals and lifestyle in the Guru Granth Sahib. A real bulls eye.

So, this is my attempt to sort out my thoughts during this process and share it with others.

But I want to say, as India Arie once sang,

Don’t be offended this is all my opinion

Ain’t nothing that I’m saying law.

Email me:  MyKaurThoughts(at)Gmail.com

Twitter: @KaurThoughts

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